570,000 Gallon Aquastore CE Tank Helps Improve Service

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Courtesy of CST Industries Inc

Engineering America, CST Storage Channel Partner completes installation of Aquastore® composite elevated storage tank for the Public Wholesale Water Supply District No. 4. The water district sells water to other water districts and municipalities, and is located just north of Altamont, Kansas.

Ken McNickle, Manager for the water supply district said the tank that sits on top of the concrete structure holds about 570,000 gallons of water and is made of glass and steel. The glass and steel are fused together. “There’s a little bit of maintenance, but there’s no paint maintenance. As tall as it is, I really didn’t want to paint it,” McNickle said, or have a company come in and sand blast it and paint it. “That’s why we leaned this way … a little bit less maintenance for the long haul.”

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