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6. Middle Regge Project Implementation

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Not only has the Regge been severely canalized in the past, a very large part of its catchment area in the eastern part of the Twente region has been disconnected from the system. A large part of this area, with relatively clean creeks, will now be reconnected by 2013 by the creation of new river that will flow into the Regge river a bit north of Enter in the Municipality of Wierden. We will not discuss this large and important project here, but instead concentrate on the renaturalization of the river itself. Apart from the Municipality of Wierden, the Municipality of Hellendoorn is a very important partner in this part of the Regge.

This next stretch of the Regge where the Waterboard wants to realise its goals in the context of the upcoming land reconstruction is the Enter project. The small area of Exoo is situated here which is seen as being a predecessor to the Regge restoration projects. A land owner had taken the initiative in this case to ask the Waterboard whether they wanted to renaturalize the river and surrounding area. The Waterboard was interested since they regarded it as a good opportunity to develop a demonstration project. The new 13 kilometre long river (the Breakthrough or Doorbraak in Dutch, as discussed at the beginning of this section) will reconnect a large portion of the urban Regge area to the Regge quite near this Exoo project. Further downstream another stretch will be renaturalized in the context of the Rijssen land reconstruction project. It is at this stretch that the new river of Elsenerbeek is planned to be connected.

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