6-yard dumpster was replaced by only one X10 baler and the volume of non-recyclable materials was reduced - Case Study


Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

Chicago Coding Systems is specialized in the supply of products and services needed by the printing, labeling and coding companies. When CCS installed a small vertical X10 baler, they cut their waste handling costs to the half.

Chicago Coding Systems (CCS) - with premises in St. Charles, Illinois - provides many different solutions for printing, labeling and coding companies. CCS has more than 50 years experience with this business, and is very well-known for its high quality and knowledge. They even have customers such as Louisiana Pacific, Quaker, Clorox and Coca-Cola.

Previous solution was too expensive

CSS used to have 6-yard dumpsters for their mixed waste, which can be divided into 50% cardboard, 10% soft plastic, 30% adhesive materials which are hard to recycle but can be used for incineration with its high burn value, and finally 10% of mixed garbage.

The purchase was easy to decide

When Rob Wienhoff, Vice Presiden of CCS, heard about the alternative waste handling solution and the simplicty of the X10 baler, he made some quick calculations of the ROI rate and was convinced. It was easy for him to go for the baler solution, when he had compared the waste costs with the rate per month for the baler purchase.

Even without including the reduction in time used for folding cardboard boxes and spent on going to the dumpster placed outside - or even the amount earned from selling the finished bales to the recycling company - the ROI was less than 30 months. An additional calculation showed that the rate of return including all factors would be less than 20 months.

Today the 200 lbs cardboard bales are stored in the warehouse, and collected by a local hauler when 10-15 bales are ready. The more bales CSS has stored before calling, the higher price they get.

The baler was simple to install

Thanks to Bramidan's distributor SC Environmental, the machine was quickly installed. It was ordered on Tuesday and up running on Thursday afternoon. The service technician from SC Environmental, Sean Murphy, used less than two hours for installation and training of the staff on how to operate the X10 baler.

'The machine was simple to move with a pallet jack, when it was installed. We changed to 208 volt, and we didn't even have to raise the cylinder due to the low profile of the baler', tells Sean.

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