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7. Lower Regge Project Implementation

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In this chapter we address the last portion of the Regge river. The river now flows in large streamlined curves. While not clearly visible in the map or picture below, the municipal boundaries between Hellendoorn, Ommen and Twenterand actually twist around the river, revealing the old natural course of the river. Near Ommen the river flows as a tributary into the Vecht River.

For the first time in 100 years, the water of the Regge flows through an old passage near Velderberg (literally: ‘Velder mountain’) close to the village of Hancate. In the beginning of 2006 the first part of the canalized Regge was dammed and the old meander was reconnected to the Regge. The dammed and canalized part was then slowly drained and transformed into a natural plain with ponds, which may regularly flood in the future. As an additional recreational feature a new walking bridge was added to the area. Jan van Klompenburg, the project leader on behalf of the Waterboard, said that: “By restoring the old meanders in the Regge, space for water buffering, river dynamics and nature development is created. The adjacent nature area is allowed to flood which decreases the likelihood of water problems in built-up areas in the future.”

In the subsequent phases of the project a number of other meanders in the areas that are owned by the nature management organizations Nature Monuments and Landscape Overijssel were excavated and re-connected to the Regge. Hardened shorelines were also removed and relocated and new hiking and cycle paths were created. The project is co-sponsored by the EOGFL guarantee fund which is the EU agricultural subsidies fund which was in operation until 2007.

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