72 Petersen multi-flex line stop for a valve change


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Energy Northwest in Washington State had an underground 72' water line operating at 28 psi. The pipeline needed to be plugged to replace a valve on the downstream side. The 72' pipe was excavated and a 72' X 36' Tapping Sleeve was installed on the pipe. A Hot Tap machine was utilized to make a 36' Hot Tap through a 36' line and a Petersen 129-Series Multi-Flex Line Stop Plug was installed through the 36' Hot Tap Valve under pressure utilizing a plug Launch Cylinder.

The 129-Series Plug was inflated to 56 psi (two times the operating pressure) and the 72' Valve was changed out. The Plug was removed from the line and a completion plug installed on the tapping sleeve to allow removal of the 36' Valve. A blind flange was then installed on the completion valve to complete the job.

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