9 or 10 reasons to buy local

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Courtesy of BSC Sustainability Services

Consumers typically make purchase decisions largely based on two factors- price and convenience. It’s for this reason that big-box, super discount and chain stores dominate shopping centers and suburban malls throughout the US. It’s difficult to deny the significance of price and convenience but should these be the only reasons why we decide what to buy and where? What about the ingredients or contents, the packaging, the manufacturer, the seller and the distance travelled? Many factors deserve consideration when choosing how and where to spend your money. Buying local is one of them- after all, it’s your town!

Big-box and super-discount stores plan, design and manage local facilities from a distant headquarters office, using a minimum of local goods and services. Functions such as purchasing, marketing, legal and finance are performed elsewhere. Profits are transferred out of the local area while local businesses struggle or even fail.

Local businesses invest, hire and spend locally. Local ownership minimizes the risk of economic catastrophe due to corporate relocation, restructure, plant shutdown or store closure. Local owners are unlikely to outsource functions outside the local area or move functions offshore.

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