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9. Reflections and Lessons: Contextual Water Management

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Being a delta country, the Netherlands has understandable concerns regarding the increasing frequency of high and low water situations as a result of climate change. This has warranted a drastic change of approach to water, land and nature management through a strategy that uses nature‘s resilience to provide for both human and natural environmental needs. The subject of our study was the planned multi-functionality, increasing space for river beds and connection of natural areas that are at the heart of efforts in the Dutch rural areas. The resulting projects were able to be designed in an integrated fashion that increases their compatibility with habitat and water quality and quantity goals from the National and European levels. Recreation, agriculture, nature and flood management were expected to combine quite well as partners under the Regge River Restoration Projects.

To enable this, project managers are also expected to need to apply adaptive strategies which in turn require appropriate governance regimes to provide the proper stimuli. This was the basic hypothesis with which we started our study. In this chapter we will wrap up the findings and arrive at our final conclusions.

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