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93% of Oil from Railway tracks remediated - Case study


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Railway engines are predominantly diesel and as such  they discharge large volumes of oil, diesel and hydraulic fluids as they operate. These hydrocarbons contaminate the railway lines, stations and sidings on which the engines operate.

For many years the hydrocarbon discharges have been ignored, with the tracks and surrounding lands becoming heaving contaminated. However, new environmental controls are obligating train companies to deal with this issue.

Nanobite Power is the European trade name for a NASA developed bio-remediation accelerator known as PRP (Petroleum Remediation Product) in the USA. Nanobite Powder has operated to great effect in the USA, substantially cleaning railway sidings and tracks, in a fraction of the time and expense of detergents. Eight major US railroad companies use Nanobite Powder as their product on choice.

The test below was performed on oil soaked railway tracks in the USA with incredible results – 93% remediation in only 40 days.

Nanobite Powder is a 100% environmentally safe product used to great effect on oil and diesel soaked ballast and ties, found in railroad yards and track switching areas. Nanobite Powder initially absorbs and then bio-remediates fuel, oil and hydraulic fluids over a varying period of time depending on weather conditions and the carbon levels in the fuel or oil spills. Nanobite Powder consists of tiny spheres of treated wax, which contain nutrients. When a wax sphere comes in contact with spilled oil, it “binds” with the hydrocarbons. Nutrients in the sphere help micro-organisms (microbes) from the immediate environment flourish until they eat every droplet of oil. Nanobite Powder will absorb and remediate, over time, more than 20 times its weight in hydrocarbons.

How is it Applied?

  • Initial application should be done after discussing the situation with a factory trained specialist in order to get the maximum from this product.  Correct amount and frequency of application will be recommended at that time.
  • Nanobite Powder  can be spread by hand using a slotted box, plastic bucket with perforated holes in the top, a fertilizer spreader or a hydro-seeder.
  • Some of the applied product will fall between the ballast and make its way to a lower saturated oil level.  It will penetrate and remediate as long as air and water are available.
  • Nanobite Powder must be kept wet or moist to function at their best.
  • When product appears to have bonded with saturated amounts of oil, more should be applied.
  • Nanobite Powder  does not have to be picked up.  It can be washed away by the next rain shower, or hosed away manually.

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