H. O. Andradottir Articles

  • Suitability of ozone pre-treatment for amoxicillin wastewater

    This study deals with the ozonation of amoxicillin in real pharmaceutical wastewater and its efficacy as a pre-treatment, prior to biological degradation by a mixed culture of bacteria in a sequencing batch reactor (SBR). An ozone utilization of 0.27 g/g-COD (chemical oxygen demand) lowered the pH of the wastewater to 6.6, reduced the specific ultraviolet absorption by 43% and increased ...

    By IWA Publishing

  • Cognitive misfit and firm growth in technology-oriented SMEs

    In this study, we examine how the founding owner-managers’ cognitive style, levels of formalisation in their firms, and the interaction of these two variables (cognitive misfit) are related to firm growth in technology-oriented SMEs. We found that an intuitive decision-making style, higher levels of formalisation, and their interaction were significantly associated with firm growth over a ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Production of spore laccase from Bacillus pumilus W3 and its application in dye decolorization after immobilization

    Given that spore laccase from the Bacillus genus is heat- and alkali-resistant, it is more suitable for industrial applications than fungal laccase. To determine the optimal culture conditions for spore laccase production, the effects of Cu2+ concentration, oxygen content, and culture time on spore laccase production from Bacillus pumilus W3 were investigated. The ...

    By IWA Publishing

  • Energetic analysis of Pseudomonas fluorescens growth in aerobic chemostat culture

    Bioenergetic analysis of the growth of Pseudomonas fluorescens on phenol chemostat culture was carried out. The data were checked for consistency using carbon and available electron balances. Similar estimates were obtained using Pirt's model based on Monod approach and a modified model based on substrate consumption rate being rate limiting. Coupled with the covariate adjustment estimation ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Biomineralisation of dye waste in a two-phase hybrid UASB reactor using starch effluent as a co-substrate

    Starch and dye wastes have wide variation in their characteristics were treated on combination; this new technology supports the effective utilisation of starch waste in destruction of dyes. In this investigation, a lab-scale two-phase HUASBR was used at ambient temperature. After start-up, the dye and starch effluent were mixed at different proportions and fed into the reactor. The reactor was ...

    By Inderscience Publishers

  • Characterisation of medical-waste sterilisation-plant wastewater and a preliminary study of coagulation–flocculation treatment options

    Wastewater from a medical-waste sterilisation plant (MWSP) contains unique pollutants and requires on-site treatment to prevent contamination of the municipal sewage system and receiving water bodies. Therefore, to meet the prescribed discharge standards and comply with the legal regulations, pre-treatment must be applied to MWSP wastewater. In this study, the capabilities of ...

    By IWA Publishing

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