Ivey International Inc.

A 2006 GLOBE award winner


Courtesy of Ivey International Inc.

The GLOBE Corporate Award for Technology Innovation and Application is presented is to a company that has demonstrated outstanding technical ingenuity in the development and/or application of an innovative technology or process with a significant environmental application.

This year’s winner, Ivey International Inc., has developed a surfactant remediation technology (Ivey-sol®) solution that has proven to be both a rapid and cost-effective method for site clean-up for clients around the world.

The Ivey-sol® Surfactant Technology is a patented Selective Phase Transfer Technology, that can desorb contamination for both soil and groundwater remediation; including contaminates such as hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, heavy metals, PCB’s, and PAH’s among other contaminants. The non-ionic surfactant formulations can selectively desorb and liberate contaminants making them more Hydraulically-Available for In-situ pump and treatment (P&T) type processes, more Bio-Available for bioremediation process (In-situ and Ex-situ), and more Chemically-Available for chemical oxidation or reduction type processes (In-situ and Ex-situ).

The net result is that contaminants become more readily available for extraction and treatment, improving opportunity for both in-situ and ex-situ remediation type processes. The complete remediation solution has been demonstrated successfully in Canada, United States, and other countries internationally. More than 95% of small to medium sized sites in less than 18 months, with many concluded in less than one calendar year, not bad compared to the North American average of four to seven years.

A recent Brownfield project application involved treating 80,000 cubic meters of bunker-C contaminated soils in northern Spain. It took just 10 months, recovering more than 30,000 litres of product which was resold by the client for a profit. Canadian clients have included: Major Petroleum Companies, Mining Operations, Hazardous Waste Facilities, Large Utilities, Banks, Environmental Consulting Firms, and Environmental Contractors.

With interest from the oil and gas, chemical, and hazardous waste industries, Ivey-sol has taken its Canadian innovation abroad.

The company is currently undertaking projects in: Canada, Holland, Spain, and the United States, and is establishing distribution agreements internationally.

The GLOBE Awards are proud to recognize this Canadian technology and innovation, and hope to see continued success from this industry leader.

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