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Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

The Statoil service centre Brabrand is situated on the outskirts of Århus, Denmark’s second largest city, close to a busy road leading into the town centre. Besides selling fuel the station also sells convenience supplies. Goods usually arrive in cardboard boxes, which are unpacked and moved into the shop area by the staff, leaving large amounts of waste which needs to be moved out of the way.

Until the summer of 2008 the paper and cardboard waste was cut apart, or stamped flat by foot, and thrown into one of the shop’s three mini containers that were emptied every two weeks.

“We are quite lucky to have space enough inside and therefore we used to have a container standing in the back where we unpack. It was still a hassle to handle the waste, though,” says station manager Heine Olsen.

Baler freed up space and time
In August 2008 the shop replaced the containers and installed a B3 baler from Bramidan. Immediately, there was more room in the back of the shop, as the baler took up far less space than the container which measured 1 x 2 meters. In addition, daily waste handling became much easier.

“From one day to the next we stopped needing to cut cardboard to pieces. Now we just throw it into the baler, close the door and press the button, when we need to compress it. It is much faster, easier and also safe for the staff, because the machine will not function if its door is open,” explains Heine Olsen who sees other safety advantages.

“Now my employees do not need to think about going outside with waste when it is dark. It can make some people feel slightly insecure. Instead the employees can stay and have a greater sense of safety while they are on duty,” he says.

Perfect for small stations
Heine Olsen is thrilled by the help the baler has turned out to be and he can only recommend it to others.

“Many service centres would gain much if they buy a baler. We are lucky to have extra space, but most stations need all the space they can get. In my view a baler would be perfect for small petrol stations,” he says.

About Statoil
Statoil is a worldwide energy and oil company that supplies a wide variety of solutions for heating private homes and businesses, sells fuel, runs car washes and small convenience stores from its more than 300 Service centers in Denmark. Worldwide, Statoil employs more than 29.500 people, of which approx. 2.660 work in the Danish Service centers.

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