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Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

It is clear from the beginning that Bjarne Andersen, manager at Superbrugsen Graasten, is a very busy man. He is clearly very determined, talks fast and has a constant eye on his watch, while moving through the store with a regularly ringing mobile phone hanging from his belt.

“As you can see, we never have any peace and quiet,” he says with a smile after a short phone call, and shows the way to the goods reception. Standing just inside door are two yellow Bramidan balers, a model X12 from 2004 for plastic waste and a X30 from 2007 for cardboard.

Quick handling
Bjarne Andersen has been employed at the store since 1970 and has seen it grow from only a few employees to present 55. Through all these years waste has always been a part of a daily operation characterised by speed. Goods are quickly unpacked and placed on shelves in the store before preferably finding their way into the shopping baskets as soon as possible.

The balers make it easier for Superbrugsen to handle their waste, but before they bought their first balers the situation was different.

“In the 1970’s we threw the cardboard into a special room, which was emptied by a waste collector once a week. We did this until we bought our first Bramidan baler in the middle of the 1980’s. We had this baler for many years and we were extremely satisfied with it,” says Bjarne Andersen.

The waste is gone immediately
During the years the quantity of waste has increased considerably. Furthermore the demands regarding how to handle waste are now stricter, both with regard to the environment and the economy. Goods are delivered twice a week, well protected in various types of packaging. Then the goods are unpacked and moved into the sales area or to the warehouse.

“At the moment we make seven or eight cardboard bales and one plastic bale every week. The balers are very easy to handle and effective because we can get the waste out of the way immediately. Both plastic and cardboard is collected for recycling,” explains Bjarne Andersen and adds that the mixed waste from the baker’s and the butcher’s department is not compacted in the balers, as they want to keep the cardboard and plastic waste ‘clean’.

Both balers are rented with a full service contract and are maintained by Bramidan’s own service technicians. It is obvious that these balers are a great help, Bjarne Andersen cannot imagine working without them.

“A world with no balers? I would not know how to get rid of all that waste,” he says.

Facts about Superbrugsen
Superbrugsen is one of the leading supermarket chains in Denmark with more than 300 stores in the country. The chain is owned by COOP Danmark.

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