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A CFD study of the effect of venturi geometry on high pressure wet gas metering


Venturi meter is increasingly being preferred as wet gas flow meter because of its simple construction and ease of operation. It has been found that the performance of venturi in single phase gas is very different from that of water. In this work, with a view to optimise the design, the effects of diameter, diameter ratio and convergent angle on the performance of a venturi meter for wet gas metering has been studied by CFD modelling of the high pressure wet gas flow. The performance of eight wet gas correlations for flow prediction has also been studied. Simulation results reveal that a convergent angle of 10.5 deg to be a better choice for wet gas metering. Homogeneous flow model, Steven's and De Leeuw's correlations are found to be better than the other correlations. While homogeneous flow model performs consistently, Steven's and De Leeuw's performance drops at 40 bar. [Received: March 27, 2012; Accepted: July 1, 2012].

Keywords: venturi geometry, high pressure wet gas, wet gas metering, CFD, over reading, venturi meter, optimal design, computational fluid dynamics, gas flow, flow modelling, simulation

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