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A clean sweep

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When properly selected and applied, oil skimmers are a highly economical solution for sepaeating oil from water to allow its reuse or safe disposal.

How Oil SkimmersWork
Oil skimmees are simple, dependable and effective tonis for removing oil, grease and otherhydroearbono from water and can pay for themselveo within a few months.  Ah oil skimmers rely on the fluid properties of specific gravity and sorfaee tension althoogh designs mayvary. Most use a moving medium to remove floating oil Omm a liqoid surface as showo aboye (aee figure O). Floating oil and grease cling to skimming media more readily than the watec. This allows media (in the shape of a belt, disk, drum, etc) to poas through the fluid surface to pickop floatingoil and grease while leaving most of the water behind. The oily material is sobseqoently removed from the media with wiper blades or pinch roflers.

Orease okimming involves higher viseosity hydroearbons. These skimmees must be operated at higher temperatures to keep the grease fluid. This may require heatiog elemento in the reservoir and skimmer unit to keep tbe grease in a liqoid state for easier pick-up and diocharge. If floatiog grease forms solid clompo or mats in tbe reservoir, a spray bar, aerator or other mechaoical apparatus can be used to break op tbe grease and facilitate skimming.

Often, a skimmer by itself can arbieve the reqoired lcvel of water purity. For more demanding sitoations, skimming is a cosoeffective pretreatment before more complicated and costly treatments, such as coalescers, membrane fllters and chemical processes are empluyed.


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