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A critical thinking challenge for the chief of staff: a case study

A military college for organisational–level leaders identified the improvement of the critical thinking (CT) curriculum as a high priority. The first cycle of design, development and implementation was not successful due to a lack of time and assembling a team that did not have representation from all teaching departments, curriculum developers, and operations staff. After conducting a detailed after action review and an appreciative sharing of knowledge (ASK) project to understand what had happened, the college's chief of staff had to develop a strategy to plan for a second cycle of design to develop a critical thinking course that could be successfully integrated into the year–long academic programme of each teaching department within the college. The chief of staff was faced with a complex social and technical challenge with many different stakeholders. This case study examines those challenges.

Keywords: critical thinking curriculum, appreciative knowledge sharing, strategic planning, organisational culture, complexity, Chief of Staff, military colleges, leadership, curriculum design

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