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A disaster response management system based on the control systems technology

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A networked Critical Infrastructure (CI) system performs functions critical to national economy and security. It is a complex system in the sense of a social-technical system with time-varying boundary and topology, and there are dynamic, uncertain and stochastic factors throughout a whole disaster management process. In this paper, we first present a study aimed at developing a general methodology for disaster response management to view the response management as a process and production control problem. Based on this point of view the control system technology is employed to develop a general framework for the disaster response management system, which also incorporates an adaptive decision system. Finally, a case study is presented with networked CI systems to validate the proposed model.

Keywords: critical infrastructures, modelling, simulation, Petri nets, PNs, socioechnical systems, disaster response, disaster management, emergency management, response management, process control, production control, adaptive decision making, control systems

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