A discourse on social ecology

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Social Ecology, Environmentalism, Conservation, Ecology, Green movements, green living…………… Why are they all about 'a new morality'?   Because we are talking about how people ought to behave, and not how they do behave.
We may agree that we should 'care and share' with others, but many others are busy killing each other, generation by generation. Many corporations adopt ‘green’ objectives, but petition their governments for lower taxes on fuel oil. Governments agree that fishing quotas are essential to conserve fish stocks, but fishing fleets argue for freedom to fish anything and anywhere. Many people complain about the amount of rubbish on the streets, while dropping their own rubbish as they walk along!

Many people are concerned about pollution of the lower atmosphere, but demand more and cheaper air travel.

It seems that ‘green action’ is to be done by others, not by ‘us’. The proposals developed as part of this discourse arise from the current changes in physics, genetics, ecology, social ecology, economics, and may lead to new approaches. We have to think about the implications of a ‘quantum world’,  in which objects may seem solid, but are collections of particles - fluid, merging, interconnected, sometimes behaving as particles and sometimes as waves: one as many, many as one.

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