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A dynamic innovation model for managing capabilities of continuous innovation


The primary objective of this study is to investigate the required capabilities for continuous innovation through analysis of the existing literature and examination of empirical cases. A dynamic innovation model (DIM) is proposed to accelerate enterprise capabilities in building continuous innovation in a dynamic business environment. The DIM combines the concept of entrepreneurship and resource management and highlights the importance of co-evolving relationships among these capabilities. Findings of a comparative analysis of the DIM for two PC manufacturers, Atech and Bymove, illustrate how business leaders combined foresight and insight with cyclical processes of resource integration, learning and transformation in delivering continuous innovation. We argue that the foresight of business leaders must be accompanied by insights about the development of the required capability for innovation, whereas the cycle of the building of dynamic capabilities must be linked with the business foresight for effective innovation.

Keywords: continuous innovation, dynamic capability, business foresight, entrepreneurship

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