A farewell to sand filters


Courtesy of Filtralite - Leca Norge As

By replacing the filter sand with Filtralite, Bedrichov Water Treatment Plant reduced energy cost by 75 %, doubled the production capacity of each filter and today delivers the best drinking water ever

A new filtering medium is born

After six months of testing the new filtering medium Filtralite in full operation at Bedrichov Water, regional manager Ladislav Rainis (right) and local entrepreneur Milan Drda (left) are impressed with the results achieved

“WE HAVE CLEARLY seen the advantages of Filtralite, and we now replace the sand in the remaining basins with Filtralite,” says regional manager Ladislav Rainis of The North Bohemian Water Company (ScVK), operating the Bedrichov water treatment plant.

The decision has been made after one year of scientific pilot testing at small scale at the work. The pilot results on site confirmed what other water works have reported: Energy saved, increased output and improved water quality. “We then decided to replace the sand in the filters with Filtralite. After six months of comparative operation we have clearly seen what Filtralite is capable of, there is no way we will go back to sand,“ says regional director Ladislav Rainis. (cont.)

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