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A global clean fossil scenario

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In this article, a so-called Clean Fossil Scenario (CFS) [1], valid for the year 2050, based on a bottom-up demand analysis, is described. It is proposed to mitigate the rise of atmospheric CO2 concentrations by disposing of the CO2 in deep sea and in other reservoirs to limit its liberation to the air. The scenario is clean, because emissions to the environment are reduced drastically compared to today's average applied technologies. It is fossil, as its primary energy is provided almost exclusively by fossil energy carriers. It is a scenario, in that it is a description of a possible future state of the global energy system. The CFS seems to be possible from a technical point of view, although questions remain over its economic, political and organisational realisability.

Keywords: clean fossil, energy scenario, global energy system, bottom-, up analysis, hemispheric variance, CO&, lt, SUB align=, right&, gt, 2 sequestration, deep sea, coal, hydrogen, energy resources, societal change

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