A glue manufacturing plant in Malaysia case study


Courtesy of AMCON Inc.

Minimizing water consumption and health problems at the same time!!

A glue manufacturing plant in Malaysia had a belt press, but they had always faced clogging problems because of the sticky characteristics of sludge dewatered. For its operation and maintenance, they needed to use a great amount of water, as much as 36 m3/day. Furthermore, high-pressure water cleaning generated loud noises and the working environment the misty sludge was scattered by the cleaning process also needed to be improved.

AMCON's offer for a solution

The end-user replaced their belt press with Volute Dewatering Press ES-202 model. Thanks to the clog-free construction, there has been a big fall in washing water consumption. Also, there is no longer concern for noise and scattered misty sludge. The end-user is now very satisfied with the installation of VOLUTE.

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