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A Guide To Buy Large Area Hard Floor Cleaners


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Hard floor cleaning machines can be classified into small area cleaning machines and large area hard floor cleaners. What is much in the cleaning area, one might ask. The same machine that can be used to clean a small area can be used for cleaning larger areas. While it is technically true, it may not be practically feasible.

What are Hard Floor Cleaning Machines?
A variety of floor cleaning machines are used for cleaning hard surfaces. Steam cleaners, for instance, use high temperatures to remove dirt and stains from hard surfaces. These machines melt the dirt and extract the molten dirt residues. Carpet cleaners with advanced features such as motorized spinner heads are also used for cleaning hard surfaces.
The latest large area hard floor cleaners from the best suppliers on the market feature large spinner heads and pressure levels up to 1500 psi to clean up to 1000 sq. ft. per hour. The machines offer a simultaneous 'clean and extract' operation. These machines are actually powerful and versatile floor cleaning systems, tile and grout cleaning equipment, and concrete cleaning machines designed specifically to target numerous tough cleaning applications.

The difference between small area and large area hard floor cleaners lies in the spinner. The small area machines contain nine inch spinner heads, while large area floor steam cleaners use 19 inch spinners.

Continuous Pressure Level
When buying a machine, ensure that the pressure level does not drop by much. That is the reason why experienced cleaning workers prefer using motorized spinning heads. Advanced machines from reputed brands come with a rubber guard to keep the water flow contained under the spinner for simultaneous cleaning and extraction operation, making them ideal for various industrial cleaning applications.

More Info on the Latest Hard Floor Cleaners
1) The latest hard floor cleaners are extremely flexible. These can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, ranging from hard surfaces such as almost any kinds of floors to soft surfaces such as carpets and seat upholstery. You only need to attach the right accessory with the machine to attain the desired results. For instance, fitting an upholstery wand makes it an upholstery cleaner.

A single machine can be used as a powerful carpet cleaner, pressure wash system, wall cleaning equipment, and concrete cleaning machine to clean stone, porous limestone tile, carpet, tile, grout, VCT, vinyl floors, linoleum, marble, travertine tile, quarry tile, parking lots, pavers, walkways, industrial concrete floors, pool decks, rubber floors, most irregular surfaces, concrete driveways, and much more.

The best brands offer commercial hard floor cleaners that provide enhanced cleaning results and are versatile.

2) Heated hard surface cleaners support water temperatures up to 140º F that is fired at high pressure levels. They feature a vacuum air flow of 200 cfm, which helps in removing dirt, grease or grime, and then containing it rather than dispersing it. Hence, the machines are environment friendly too.

The best heated hard surface cleaners are powerful enough to even strip wax buildup from VCT and vinyl flooring.

So, buy commercial hard floor cleaners that have all the above mentioned features to make the cleaning task fast and easy.

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