A Guide to Opt the Best Chewing Gum Removal Machines

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Chewing gum removal is one of the easiest cleaning processes, provided you use the right cleaning machine. It is also one of the cleaning tasks that are most in demand. Chewing gums are a constant hygiene menace in shopping malls, educational institutions, parks, and stadiums.

Youngsters find it fashionable to chew gum. But what is not fashionable is to spit out the gum residues whenever one feels like. It happens more often than many people think. Check out a stadium on the next day of an important match. You are likely to find a large number of chewing gum residues sticking to seats and floor.

Removing these chewing gums is the job of cleaning workers. More and more cleaning companies are focusing on chewing gum removal these days. This indicates at the rising demand of the job.

How to Choose the Machines
The success of a cleaning company depends to a large extent on the speed of chewing gum removal. The quicker the removal, the higher is the profit of the cleaning company.

The speed of the cleaning process depends almost entirely on the quality of the machine used. Many types of machines can be used for chewing gum removal. But no machine can match the efficiency and speed of steam cleaning machines for this particular task.

The job is half done if one can get hold of a good quality steam cleaner. Following are some tips to buy the most suitable steam cleaning machine for removing chewing gum wads.

Cleaning Power
For removing chewing gum, steam cleaning machines should have great cleaning power. The cleaning power of steam cleaner machines originates from their output temperature. The best gum removal machines have an output temperature of 382 degrees Fahrenheit. These machines ensure that the process of removing chewing gums is carried out efficiently and quickly.

An output temperature of 382 degrees Fahrenheit is seriously high temperature. The water is in a super heated state and is called dry steam. The specialty of dry steam output is that its liquid water content is less than 5 percent.

If the liquid water content is less than 5 percent, it means that very low quantity of water is passed to the surface. As a result, the surfaces dry up very quickly. Dirt gravitates towards wet surfaces. Dry surfaces remain clean for a long time. So, using gum removal machines with high temperature output tends to ensure that the surfaces remain clean for a long time.

Chewing Gum Extraction
Chewing gum removal is basically a two-step process. The first step involves melting or dissolving chewing gums. The second step involves removal or extraction of the molted or dissolved chewing gums. Steam cleaning machines with high temperature output will take care of the first step. What about the second step?

A commercial steam cleaner used for removing chewing gum should be equipped with an attached vacuum. Otherwise, the gum extraction process will become time consuming and cumbersome. Machines with attached vacuum can perform the task quickly.

It is also better to use a sophisticated commercial steam cleaner equipped with the latest technologies. These technologies make the cleaning process more efficient and quicker and help to start a best gum removal business.

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