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A guide to successful installations


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A successful Pumps & Controls installation begins with sound project design, well executed installation, and a thorough start-up procedure.

EPG includes an Installation Guide, Installation Record Form, and Start-Up Checklist  in every O&M to help achieve this. Not only are these documents a useful resource during the design stage, they can be used as part of a 'flight check' process at installation and start-up.

The following are some best practices we highly recommend to encourage trouble-free landfill pump operation. You will also find links to download each of the documents referenced above.

Installation DOs and DON'Ts

    • Tailor specifications to each job
    • Use qualified and experienced installers & electricians
    • Establish good electrical ground
    • Adhere to color coding of wiring
    • Design properly sized force main
    • Include air release valves in force main
    • Install pressure gauge in pump discharge line
    • Over size pumps
      • Excessive flow rate creates high velocity in sump, pulling in fines
      • Excessive pump head can lead to overload and vibration
    • Place control panel too close to riser or sump
    • Forget to use seal-offs & not potting them
    • Leave excess cable and hose in sump or riser

After running first few days:

    • Check that adequate grounding remains
    • Check voltage
    • Look for signs of power surges (lightning)
    • Installation problems may be traced back to:
      • Poor connections
      • Mishandled parts
      • Pump flow rate too high for sump design
      • Pumps clogged with HDPE chips or sand

After several months of service:

    • Check that adequate grounding remains
    • Check voltage
    • Look for signs of power surges (lightning)
    • Do pumps perform as expected?
    • Is there noticeable Gas Effect in play (unreliable level readings)?

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