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A Hazardous Road to Success


Chromatotec have established themselves in the Forefront of Sulphur Analysis in Hazardous Areas. Their latest Enhancement of their MEDOR range has Augmented their Rapid Rise in this Expanding Market.

Most natural gas production and exploitation sites are considered to be hazardous area. This is certainly the case when it comes to Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG) sites. It is vital to avoid creating any areas, within the sites, in which the atmosphere contains flammable gas. The need to comply to stringent safety and environmental regulations and the associated cost and constraints associated with compliance, need to be factored in, when calculating a site’s profitability.

Natural gas is a natural resource present on the earth which can vary in composition depending on the location of its extraction. In order to maximise the use and value of natural gas, it is necessary to control its composition. Even if it is composed mainly of methane, natural gas contains some traces of Sulphur compounds which can affect its quality as well as having dramatic effects during its transportation (for example : corrosion of the pipes). Therefore, companies that work with natural gas need to control the level of Sulphur compound impurities, as well as adding specific Mercaptans to make it odourant and easily detectable in cases of leakage.

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