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A heterodox teaching of neoclassical microeconomic theory

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In this article, I advocate a different way to teach neoclassical microeconomic theory to graduate students in heterodox programs that accomplishes the goals of providing them with a critical and 'technical' understanding of neoclassical theory as well as a critical awareness of how heterodox microeconomic theory is organised, structured, and different. In this way, it is possible to calm the fears of many heterodox economists that the complete dismissal of neoclassical microeconomic theory is not a nihilistic endeavour, but a connected prelude to delineating a heterodox microeconomic theory. It is done by teaching microeconomic theory as a critical historical discourse, or more precisely a historical story, that deals with its evolution and its theoretical and empirical shortcomings that place the theory in the incoherent state that it is in today.

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