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A histogram analysis for system of systems

The problems stemming from increasing complexity continue to confound our capabilities to deal with systems. In response, many large organisations seek to integrate their existing systems to work together to accomplish capabilities that cannot be achieved by the constituent systems. The integration of these systems is often referred to as a system of systems (SoS). While much has been written about SoS and their associated phenomena, we have not found sufficient exploration to answer some of our most basic questions: where did this concept came from? And when, or has, the peak of the SoS development movement been reached? To answer these questions, this paper has constructed a histogram analysis to trace the history of SoS from 1926–2011. Five hundred different sources have been included in the analysis in an attempt to give a glimpse into the development of the SoS field through the frequency of publications.

Keywords: complex systems, system of systems, SoS, histogram analysis, intervals, multidisciplinary problems

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