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A Link between Plant Profitability and Environmental Stewardship?


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The pervasive opinion that environmental stewardship is nothing but a drain on company resources is far more than a misconception. It’s bad business. Yet, with regulations tightening and public scrutiny intensifying, who could argue with such reasoning? To add insult to injury, in today’s global economy, with margins under severe attack, management is scrambling for cost-cutting measures to maintain profitability and to stave off riotous shareholders. The prevailing strategy: “He who cuts most, is most competitive.”


There is a better solution for the balancing act between environ-mental responsibility and plant profitability. In fact, there is a direct link between the seemingly incompatible sides: technology. “It’s really surprisingly simple,” explained Frank Craft, President of Mobile Process Technology (MPT).


“We identify and capitalize on opportunities where process improvements and recovered resources lower plant costs while improving compliance.  And then, our, outsourcing success model actually becomes a competitive advantage. Innovation and speed, that’s the difference. We use technology to create a win-win-win result for our clients, MPT, and the environment.”


For one of MPT’s key customers, DuPont Engineered Polymers, innovation turned a waste stream into a revenue stream. MPT developed a patented advance separation technology to upgrade the high volume spent ethylene glycol (EG) recovery process. Traditionally, the spent EG is sent to a conventional distillation process for purification and recycled back to the PET resin process.


Unfortunately, this “traditional” process yielded less than desired EG quality for recycle and generated significant “still bottoms” for disposal. The “still bottoms” stream contained expensive catalyst and PET monomer. Disposal meant significant environmental impact concerns. The bottoms were shipped off-site for incineration at a significant cost, as you can imagine.


MPT’s Michael Kelly, Executive Vice-President, directed the development of a patented process using a combination of continuous cross-flow microfiltration and selective ion exchange technologies to revamp exchange technologies to revamp the spent EG recovery process.

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