A little insurance with a big payback


Courtesy of Safe Drain Stormwater Holdings, Inc

A supermarket owned by a prominent West Coast chain had been under threat of being cited by local authorities to the proximity of one of their storm drains to the store’s garbage compactor. The drain needed to be protected from both the threat of the miscellaneous fluids which emanated from the compactor as well as from the potential for a hydraulic fluid leak.

A Safe Drain was installed as a simple one step solution to this situation. Two days later the store’s manager arrived to discover a large pool of debris and dirty water surrounding his new Safe Drain. A construction site next door to the store had been conducting an exterior finish operation during which a large amount of stucco and cement material had been washed away and collected around the supermarket’s Safe Drain.

Having had the Safe Drain installed only two days earlier, the store manager was ecstatic at the performance of the Safe Drain and proceeded to call Safe Drain, Inc. for their field service to clean up the construction crew’s mess. While the accumulated pool was not his responsibility, the Safe Drain had proven itself and the store manager had avoided what could have been a lengthy, and costly, dispute with the construction company and, perhaps, even the local authorities. When the construction site manager learned of this incident, he was also greatly relieved at the significant potential liability that he, and his company, had been able to avoid thanks to the supermarket’s Safe Drain. Furthermore, he realized the value of having Safe Drains on his future construction sites for incidents such as this and for sediment control.

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