A look ahead: how real-time data helps organizations maximize performance


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Real-time data can provide agencies with a deeper understanding of your organization’s performance and provide valuable insight into future training needs.

How can your department benefit from greater “intelligence”? Real-time analytics change the way organizations see themselves and influence future performance. Utilizing real-time data for fire departments deepens the understanding of different training needs to improve apprentices’ learning development and enhance personnel’s overall performance.

Real-time data allows administrators to access analytics whenever, wherever. As data becomes more relevant to the status of a department, information is more impactful. Faster data also leads to more efficient training programs that reinforce essential concepts. Using data from TargetSolutions’ record-tracking tools, even previously undocumented drill-yard training can be quantified. This way, performance for activities or courses serves as immediate feedback and adjustments in training can be made accordingly.

Intelligent data also connects information by integrating with other big-data software. This includes popular systems such as HRIS platforms, EHS software, and incident management solutions. Maintaining data all in one place generates a more comprehensive overview of a department for easier decision-making.

Ultimately, smarter data gives insight into an organization and can help develop a more competent team. This is largely because analytics provides clearer insights through data visualization. When analyzing training course statistics, trainers can study completion patterns and assess the department’s progress to satisfying ISO requirements. If a common issue arises, trainers have the tool to effectively address it.

Beyond complying to annual standards, data reveals areas to improve. Departments can create custom activities that suit specific needs and fill training gaps. Additionally, after assigning a custom course, the platform manager can measure changes by comparing data from before and after the activity.

Real-time data provides insight into organizations with training analytics. Advanced data capabilities allow decision-makers to strategize training activities to improve learning and compliance.

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