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A management model for technology and R&D selection

Research proposals at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) undergo a two-stage review process which includes technical and management reviews. These reviews scrutinise the proposed R&D projects and associated technologies to ensure compliance with the institute's strategic plans and goals. The evaluation process is judgmental in nature, which makes the decision-making process very complex. To soften the evaluation complexity, a model was developed to assist top and middle management in their decision making when selecting among the various proposed technologies and R&D projects. The model is based on Multi-perspective Decision Support Analysis. The perspectives considered include Scientific, Technical, Management, National Socio -economic and Document preparation/ presentation perspectives. Each perspective consists of a set of statements to be answered using multiple-choice answers which indicate the extent of agreement with a given statement. The model can be implemented for PC users. It is quantifiable, comprehensive, objective, flexible for further development and its output can be utilised in future analysis. A case study at KISR using the model is presented herein including analysis of available data and related discussions and remarks.

Keywords: evaluation process, management, management review, evaluation

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