A Masterful Performance In Ferrous Recovery

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Courtesy of Master Magnets Ltd

Earlier this year, Master Magnets were contacted by Guernsey Recycling Ltd about an under-performing Drum Magnet that was supplied by one of Mastermag’s competitors. They were keen to find out whether or not Master Magnets felt that carrying out a refurbishment on their existing drum would enhance its performance.

So that Master Magnets could get a better idea of the drums current condition and performance, an Engineer was sent to inspect the unit on site in Guernsey.

The engineer was firstly able to determine the magnetic strength of the Drum using a ‘Gauss Meter’. A close inspection was also made on the various ferrous pieces that were not currently being extracted by the Magnet. With this information, the Mastermag engineer reported back to the sales team, who were able to use specialized computer aided software to compare the Drums current performance with the performance figures of an Electro Drum that Master Magnets recently refurbished for a Steel Recycling company in Israel.

Master Magnets MD, Adrian Coleman writes:

“It was definitely possible to refurbish the Drum Magnet and this would have most certainly improved the unit’s performance but it could only be repaired using the same level of technology that was used when the Drum was originally manufactured. Magnetic Drum design has moved on a lot since then and the Master Magnets Drums are some of the most efficient units on the market today so a new unit would have been much more effective in its separation.”

After being quoted for both the refurbishment of the competitor Drum and for a brand new ‘Mastermag’ Electro Fragmentiser Drum, Guernsey Recycling decided that the likely difference between the extraction capabilities of both options was too significant and that it was time to replace their existing Drum and invest in a Master Magnets unit. Upon placing the order they also requested that the Master Magnets engineer from the original inspection visit was also present on site to help them with the installation of the new unit.

The Drum, which has now been running for just over two months, was successfully installed in just under a week and Guernsey Recycling are now eagerly awaiting their next shipment of steel.

 The Director of Guernsey Recycling, Faye Crowe writes:

“As soon as the drum was installed we saw a marked improvement in our ferrous recovery. Our previous annual loss through poor magnet up-take was just over 1% per annum – the daily loss was clearly visible and warranted manual collection from our residue feed to catch the dropped steel. The quality and performance of the new drum has all but eliminated that ‘drop rate’, and streamlined our production.”

“From advising us on the magnet order, right through to installation Master Magnets have been extremely helpful and professional, the magnet is working very efficiently and we are extremely pleased with the results.”

The decision to replace existing Magnetic Separation equipment is not always easy to make, especially when the machinery is very large and forms an integral part of the process. For this reason, the installation can prove to be particularly difficult and not to mention time consuming. In these circumstances, having a Master Magnets engineer to supervise and assist with the installation ensures that the machine will not only be installed as quickly as possible to keep downtime to a minimum, but that the unit is also commissioned properly to guarantee optimum performance.

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