A Matter of (Eccentric Disc Pump) Principle

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Eccentric disc technology has gained legendary status in Western Europe as the pump style that measures its success over decades rather than just years. One specific eccentric disc pump style that was introduced in 1965 boasts the type of robustness that has led to tens of thousands of units sold in Western Europe alone. Many of these units have provided 30 or 40 years of service with virtually no maintenance.

Eccentric disc pump technology was originally tailored specifically for the Western European oil and chemical markets due to its unique design, which enables the pump to transfer viscous, non-lubricating, volatile and delicate materials without any risk of shearing. This includes the safe handling of emulsions, inks, adhesives and resins in the chemical industry; and crude oil, waste oils and many different types of traditional or alternative fuels in the petroleum markets. Over time, food manufacturers in Western Europe began implementing these types of pumps to handle molasses, cooking oil and cocoa butter, to name a few.
While this technology has forged a readily acknowledged reputation for unmatched durability in these markets, that reputation remained somewhat of a Western

European secret for many years. But over time, word has spread about the value of this technology in a variety of applications, and as commerce traditionally dictates, supply eventually needed to meet growing global demand. The pumping technology, eccentric disc, is the vision of French engineer Andre Petit. He had been working in gold mines when he took a closer look at the prevailing processes for transferring water and other liquids out of the mine and set out to improve upon them, which he did with the invention of eccentric disc technology for pump operations in 1906. To improve these operations, Petit first needed to improve upon existing pump-design inefficiencies.

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