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A multi-agent design for sense and respond logistics simulation

Sense and Respond Logistics (SARL) is a highly flexible, agile, and adaptive methodology for managing logistics resources in a network-centric and information rich environment. Designing and developing the software for simulating a system with such complexity presents challenges that stem from the role of heterogeneous communication channels and decision choices that produce non-deterministic outcomes. We describe the use of multi-agent approaches for simulating SARL applications. We also argue for the use of formal methods and aspect-oriented techniques in the design of these simulations, to assist in supporting model validation and verification. Features of an aspect-oriented, multi-agent, architectural description languages are also presented as a mechanism for reasoning about cross-cutting concerns.

Keywords: sense and respond logistics, SARL, simulation, multi-agent systems, MAS, cross-cutting concerns, formal methods, agent-based systems, logistics management, resource management

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