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A new method for fuzzy decision making under risk and uncertainty

A new decision making model is developed based on the use of a unified approach between the probability, the weighted average and the ordered weighted averaging (OWA) operator in an uncertain environment that can be assessed with fuzzy numbers (FNs). We present the fuzzy probabilistic ordered weighted averaging - weighted averaging (FPOWAWA) operator. It is an aggregation operator that integrates the OWA, the probability and the weighted average in the same formulation. Some of its main properties are studied and a wide range of particular cases such as the fuzzy probabilistic OWA, the fuzzy OWAWA, the fuzzy probabilistic weighted averaging operator and the fuzzy OWA operator. An application of the new approach in a fuzzy group decision making model regarding financial management is also developed.

Keywords: fuzzy decision making, probability, ordered weighted averaging, OWA operator, weighted average, fuzzy numbers, risk management, group decision making, financial management

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