A new monitoring method of CRVI in water using boron-doped diamond microelectrodes

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Boron doped diamond electrodes were used for the amperometric measurement of chromiumVI in water. A linear relationship of the current density as a function of the chromiumVI concentration was observed for concentrations comprised between 50 ppb and 4 ppm. Such results are particularly promising for the monitoring of chromiumVI in liquid effluents or process baths of several industries (stainless steel, electroplating, leather…).

ChromiumVI is an extremely toxic species with carcinogenic and genetic alteration effects on human beings. Typically, chromium salts are used in the manufacturing of stainless steel and alloys, in galvanic chroming processes, in cement manufacturing, in leather tanning as pigments, etc. [1].  Effluents from such industries have to be controlled carefully
so that their chromium content remains at an acceptable level regarding legal limits (below 100 ppb) [1]. Moreover, in the future, allowed concentration level in effluents will certainly be reduced with the obligation to perform a continuous on-line monitoring. Currently effluent measurements are mostly performed manually as no “on-line” solution exists on the market yet. In this context it is interesting to perform on-line monitoring of hexavalent chromium concentrations with a maintenance-free and cost-effective electrochemical sensor.

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