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A New, Real Technology for Solids Dewatering

Over the past decade, there have been few significant improvements to the performance in sludge dewatering technologies. Most improvements, other than process optimizations from the polymer industry, have been minor adaptations to the various dewatering technologies such as adding additional pressure rollers or modifying the diameters of pressure rollers on a belt filter press. The adoption of Electrokinetic Geosynthetics (EKG) technology to the dewatering of biosolids and other materials will allow the belt filter press to enter a new phase achieving levels of performance previously thought to be impossible. The EKG technology is completely different than past technologies and is truly a breakthrough in understanding the dewatering process and applying it to benefit wastewater treatment. Full-scale results show that a belt filter press using the EKG technology can consistently produce solids concentrations 10 to 15 percentage points higher than conventional belt filter presses, surpassing virtually all other conventional technologies, such as high-solids centrifuges and recessed chamber filter presses.

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