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A new sustainability model for machining processes

It is generally recognised that the sustainability concept integrates economic, environmental and social aspects. It would be interesting for manufacturers to be able to know which process, workpiece materials or machining condition is more sustainable than another. In this paper, a new model for the sustainability in the machining field is proposed with the goal to increase productivity, reduce power and energy used during cutting process and reduce the harmful impacts of the machining process on the environment and the occupational safety. Therefore, the evaluation method combines recyclability, energy, and particle and aerosol emission. Fuzzy logic helps to make decision on the evaluation of the sustainability of machining processes. The model is validated using test results from different cutting processes such as milling, drilling and turning.

Keywords: machining, sustainability, fuzzy logic, metalworking fluids, MWF, aerosols, costs, sustainable development, sustainable manufacturing, recyclability, recycling, milling, drilling, turning, lubrication, lubricants, coolants

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