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A New Trinity of Corporate Creeds

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Policymakers in Washington D.C. and state capitals need to recognize that a new trinity of corporate creeds is emerging among the most powerful and progressive companies in the world. Laws and regulations governing corporations are vital. Yet the most demanding task before lawmakers is shaping a marketplace where sustainability is encouraged by way of creative problem-solving, fostered by innovative corporations who recognize their role in the pursuit of environmental excellence. Business management scholars spent several decades after World War II making
sure that quality control processes were integrated into the strategy of corporations. This so-called “quality” revolution established a dual emphasis on the price and technical quality of products. Firms such as General Electric, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin and ConocoPhillips are now famous for endorsing corporate creeds focusing on price and quality. We now live in a time that demands that a third belief be added to corporate strategy. This trinity of corporate beliefs now includes social response. This third variable is perhaps the most difficult to measure, but is the key factor in transforming corporations into vehicles of social change and sustainable value. Toyota’s hybrid cars, Whirlpool’s energy efficient Duet products, and HP’s “all in one” product series are now essential ingredients to success in the marketplace. It is only by following this creed of social response and adopting new strategies that winners, such as Toyota, HP and BP, will distinguish themselves from losers, such as Tyco and Enron, over the long-term.

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