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A novel control scheme for buck power converters using duty-cycle modulation

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A novel duty-cycle modulation control scheme for buck power converters is studied in this paper. Compared to the widely used pulse width modulation technique encountered in power electronics, the proposed control scheme offers under the same operating conditions a variety of merits, including a greater hardware simplicity, a lower modulation frequency and a better transient response. In addition, while offering new characteristics, it provides under load disturbances the same level of robustness than the standard pulse width modulation control technique. The characteristics of both control techniques are validated and compared on a well tested prototyping buck converter, using a mix of analytical reasoning, virtual simulations, and real tests on a laboratory workbench.

Keywords: duty-cycle modulation, DCM, buck power converter, power electronics, pulse width modulation, PWM, hardware simplicity, lower modulation frequency, less switching stresses, robustness, virtual simulation, laboratory workbench

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