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A PFC–based PMBLDCM drive for air–conditioner using half–bridge buck converter

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A diode bridge fed buck half–bridge DC–DC converter fed from single–phase AC mains is used as a single–stage power factor correction (PFC) converter for feeding a voltage source inverter (VSI) based permanent magnet brushless DC motor (PMBLDCM) drive. The PMBLDCM is used to drive a compressor load of an air conditioner through a three–phase VSI fed from a constant DC voltage. The speed of the compressor is controlled using simple proportional and integral (PI) controller. The proposed PFC converter–based PMBLDCM drive is designed, modelled and its performance is simulated in MATLAB–Simulink environment for an air conditioner driven through a 1.5 kW, 1,500 rpm PMBLDCM. Simulated results of the proposed drive are presented to demonstrate its improved performance with PFC feature in wide range of speed and an input AC voltage.

Keywords: power factor correction, PFC, brushless DC electric motors, BLDC motors, BL motors, permanent magnets, air conditioners, buck converters, half–bridge converters, voltage source inverters, VSI, diode bridges, direct current, single–phase mains, AC mains, alternating current, single–stage converters, compressor loads, three–phase inverters, constant voltage, proportional controllers, integral controllers, MATLAB, matrix laboratory, Simulink, energy technology, energy policy, simulation

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