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A Plugged Pump Process Pump - Case Study


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The Challenge
This large pump was very difficult to handle. Due to the design of the pump, there were numerous aeas that conventional high pressure water cleaning could not reach or effectively clean. Under conventional methods, cleaning this asset can create up to 80,000 litres of contaminated water that needs to be disposed of, as well as a minimum of 160 litres of degreasers that also require disposal.

The average time taken to clean one of these pumps is typically between 8 to 12 hours.

A Plugged Pump Process Pump - Case Study

The Solution
This large pump case was submerged into the ABSOLUTE cleaning chamber and after 1 hour all of the hydrocarbon fouling and residues were removed.

The pump was cleaned in a fraction of the previous times, with no generated waste, no mess and no consumable chemicals or water.

Before: Heat Exchanger Specifications

  • Type Asset: Process Pump
  • Weight: 5,000 lbs
  • Inlet / Outlet Size: 12”
  • Fouling / Process: Bitumen

After: Benefits & Results

  • Time Cleaned: 20 minutes
  • Est. Time Saved: 8 man hours
  • No water was consumed and no expensive chemicals were disposed of.

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