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A practical approach to determine dose metrics for nanomaterials


Doses of conventional chemical substances in toxicity studies are traditionally described by administered mass. For deriving toxic doses of nanomaterials, mass and chemical composition alone may not be an adequate description of the dose as particles with the same chemical composition can have completely different toxic mass doses, depending on properties such as particle size. Other dose metrics such as particle number, volume or surface area have been suggested, but there is no consensus. The discussion regarding the most adequate dose metric for nanomaterials clearly is in need of a systematic, unbiased approach to determine the most appropriate dose metric for nanomaterials. In this paper, we present such an approach and apply it to results from in vitro and in vivo experiments with silver and silica nanomaterials. The proposed approach is shown to provide a convenient tool for systematically investigating and interpreting dose metrics of nanomaterials. Recommendations for study designs aimed at investigating dose metrics are provided. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved

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