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A proposed basis for radiation regulations

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Controversy exists as to whether the A-bomb or low-level radiation data should be used as the basis for radiation regulations. This paper provides a characteristics analysis for use of either A-bomb data or the normal low-level radiation data as a basis for radiation regulations. This analysis revealed that both types of data are of equal merit and should be used during preparation of radiation regulations. The characteristics analysis first consisted of determining the appropriate parameters for comparing the characteristics of the A-bomb and low-level radiation exposures and selecting examples of correlations between each type of radiation and the frequency of cancer. Next, a table was prepared to compare the characteristics of each example of radiation exposure for each parameter. The information in the comparison table was then used to determine the type of radiation exposure with the best characteristics for the preparation of radiation regulations.

Keywords: high-level radiation, low-level radiation, low radiation, radiation regulations, A-bomb data, atomic bomb, radiation exposure

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