A Quick Solution: Modular Waste Water Treatment


Courtesy of EnviroChemie GmbH

Rust corrodes materials and may lead to impurities. As a result, there is a demand across most sectors for components that are protected against corrosion. Cantin SA, headquartered in Domdidier in Switzerland, specializes in the metalworking of rust-proof materials. The company produces complete products and individual components for many different sectors, from medical technology through the food industry to electrical engineering.

The first step of the production process involves the experts at Cantin mechanically and thermally moulding the individual components. When welding is required as part of the process, residue which is susceptible to corrosion is frequently left on the surface. The processed components therefore undergo after-treatment and cleaning where they are pickled in an immersion basin containing acid or - if they are too large for this - they are treated with a pickling spray containing adhesion gel. This results in consistently rust-proof surfaces, however it produces contaminated wastewater. 'As a result of the pickling process, the water ends up containing acid and heavy metals, among other things, which means we need to treat it before we can release it into the sewer system', explained Christian Guinnard, technical director at Cantin SA.

A flexible system
In 2010, the company found a solution for this. 'The old procedure was no longer sufficient. For environmental reasons we wanted a new process that was able to rid wastewater of residues in a targeted way and as quickly as possible.' In autumn 2010 in only 11 weeks, Cantin and Swiss company ENVIRO FALK AG, a subsidiary of EnviroChemie headquartered in Germany, installed En-viModul, a modular system for wastewater treatment. The system consists of a retention tank and the chemical-physical process, Split-O-Mat® SOM 1500. 'EnviModul is a flexible, component-based system, which we can tailor to the individual requirements of our customers. The wastewater treatment is housed in space modules - this is a huge advantage, particularly when speed is of the essence, because it is not necessary to construct a building or to apply for planning permission', explained Markus Sameli, member of the Management Board at ENVIRO FALK. As a result of the flexible modular construction, the treatment can also be set up at another site or additional modules can be added.

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