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`A real blockbuster`


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Recycling experts among themselves. Whenever UNTHA distributes invites to a live demonstration of one of its product innovations, industry experts are eager to accept. Most recently, attendees were bravely encouraged to: 'Test the best!' The location: .A.S.A. Abfall Service AG in Himberg/Lower Austria; the focal point: The revolutionary new UNTHA Shredder XR3000R.

Shredding is a very demanding process, therefore these machines must withstand extreme stress. However, on 23 October, the live demonstration of the XR3000R shredder confirmed UNTHA's pioneering capabilities to withstand even the toughest of waste management conditions. Thirty-five industry specialists from Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Hungary were riveted as they watched the machine process domestic, bulky, commercial/industrial waste and mixed construction waste.

Dietmar Bamberger of W&P Zement describes his impressions: 'We process more than 100,000 t of RDF each year. From my experience with these types of systems, I would say that UNTHA's XR3000 ripper is a real ground breaker. I think the combination of shredding performance, drive control and accessibility for maintenance work is truly unique. Furthermore, the layout of the ripper teeth almost entirely solves the problem with foreign materials.'

Klaas Hofstra, Adverio Engineering/NL raves about the machine's great operating condition after having been in operation already since June 2013. His statement after the demonstration: 'Thanks to the cameras, we were able to get a close up view of the shredder's interior during the shredding process. The various materials were shredded in just one single pass! The way the machine effortlessly shredded a steel pipe, a car steel wheel and a traffic sign particularly impressed me!'

After the live demonstration, guests were given the opportunity to inspect the shredder's interior. The machine was opened and the technology was explained in detail by Christian Lanner, UNTHA's Head of Production Management. Engineer Johann Handler, site manager at .A.S.A. Wiener Neustadt, naturally knows a lot about the machine's practical specifics*). Together with UNTHA's engineers, he was happy to answer the guests' questions.

*)'The rotor length of 3,000 mm has proven to be optimal especially when bulky waste material such as mattresses is being fed into the system. The variability with regard to output particle size is definitely a fantastic selling point for the new XR3000R. The shredder is energy efficient (less than 4.0 kWh per metric ton) and requires little maintenance (short knife change times and hydraulic maintenance is no longer required). Compared to previous models, the XR3000R is considerably more resistant to foreign materials and much quieter. The robust design – particularly regarding the thickness of the cutting chamber wall – and an increased cutting power significantly contribute to the machine's reliabilityAnd reliable solutions are over the long term definitely more cost efficient for our company.'

As a technical highlight, Johann Handler emphasises the quiet, energy efficient and low maintenance 'Eco Drive' drive system and the user friendly ergonomic position when changing knives.

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