A Refinery saves 25% on biocide dosage by using HydroBio advance - Case Study


Courtesy of Kurita

Real time determination and monitoring of biofilm in cooling systems

1. Keywords

HydroBio Advance, Cooling system, Biofilm, Biocide consumption

2. Background

This case study shows how the application of the HydroBio Advance is used to evaluate the real biocide demand of a cooling system in the petrochemical industry. Independent of the season the cooling system in a refinery was treated with the same amount of biocide during the whole year. Nevertheless from time to time high microbiological counts and biofilm formation were detected in the cooling system.

Technical Data

  • Industry: Petrochemical Plant
  • Type: Open cooling system
  • Volume: 3,000 m³
  • Recirculation rate: 9,000 m³/h

3. Objectives

  • Save and reliable system operation
  • Evaluation of the real biocide demand
  • Prediction of biofilm growth

4. Actions / Approach

Starting in January a HydroBio Advance System was installed in the cooling water line to monitor biofilm activities in the system water.
Due to the cold weather conditions the “Biofilm elevated” approach was chosen. This set up even allows a prediction of the biofilm formation by using an elevated temperature profile on the sensor surface vs the cooling water.

With this an early warning can be given if biofilm starts to form and corrective actions can be initiated before biofilm formation in the real system takes place.

5. Results

With the current treatment in place no biofilm formation did occur in the system. After stopping the biocide treatment completely, almost immediately the biofilm started to grow significantly (Graph 1).

After restarting the biocide dosage at ¼ of the original dosage too much biomass had accumulated so an extra dosage with ½ of the standard dosage had to be carried out. Together with the regular reduced dosage this was enough to keep biofilm formation under control (Graph 2).

As a result it was possible to reduce the total biocide consumption by 35% during the winter time (25% all over the year) in order to keep biofilm formation under control.

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