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A review of decision support system applications in flood management


There are several spatial problems in the water resources sector such as flood control and management, which can be managed efficiently if there is a case–based decision–making process. These types of problems need human intervention and amicable management is possible by decision making based on various possible alternatives. The recent advances in computational facilities, quick and real time access to various types of data and development in graphical user interface (GUI), have led to the frequent application of decision support system (DSS) in complex water resources management problems like flood management. This review paper summarises past efforts employing DSS, risk–based DSS and future research for DSS used in flood management. The main purpose of this review is to assess the progress made in the development of DSS and to understand how efficient it is in solving flood management problems.

Keywords: decision support systems, DSS, water resources management, flood management, risk, geographical information systems, GIS, remote sensing, water management

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