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A service discovery mechanism for the cooperative intelligent transport systems

Emerging technologies have become an integral part of our life. Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) is such a set of technologies applied on the transportation domain and considered to be an upcoming dominating technological trend for transportation. Seeking innovative ways for the creation of intelligent and interoperable transportation e/m–services, cooperative–ITS environment provides the possibility to embody and embrace the scalability and extensibility of the web services technology. Driven by this motivation, an interoperable upgrade of the existing ITS–station reference architecture is proposed in the current work. The main scope of the current proposal is the utilisation of an operational model that can implement a service discovery mechanism interconnected with a service registry in the already existing intelligent transportation environment and systems. The operational model functions as the top layer of the ITS reference architecture as already described, so that web services technology and any service oriented architecture could be gradually adopted over the cooperative–ITS and the ITS domain. The scope of current research and proposal is that the entities of the Vehicle ITS–Station to be transformed into autonomous networking nodes over a cooperative and collaborative transportation environment.

Keywords: intelligent transport systems, cooperative ITS, service oriented architecture, SOA, web services, operational models, service discovery mechanism, SDM, service registry, modelling, autonomous networking nodes

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