A simplified approach to Asset Information Management for mid-size utilities

The number of utility service providers implementing asset information management systems is growing fast. Many are faced with the question: which type of system is right for me? The asset management software market is mature and there are many choices of platforms and vendors. This paper discusses advantages and disadvantages of different types of computer software for asset information management based on case studies of their implementations in the past three years. The information gathered support the classification of three very different implementation schemes: desktop-based, web-based and a desktop / web hybrid system. We will show that the hybrid platform provides agencies with the most flexible, scalable and user friendly implementation that integrates existing tried-and-true procedures, applications and databases – or ‘haystacks’ – into a single user interface, enabling users to find that one piece of information – the ‘needle’ – quickly and efficiently. A case study of a hybrid system implementation is showcased for a medium sized water utility provider.

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